BCMC Producers/Members – Submitting your Show(s) to the City.

Here is the information from the City of Bowie website for you to keep as a reference: www.cityofbowie.org/bcmc_resources

Here’s How You Can Get New Content on the Air

Remote Shows by Skype

Producers are now able to Skype with the studio to create a show remotely. We can record you alone or with up to three other guests, each in a different location. Each person’s connection will be separate, but the studio will be able to coordinate with you so that you can see and speak with your guests during the recorded call. (Network news shows are using this same product to create panel shows right now.)

From the studio control room, our technicians will be able record the Skype session, use your standard lower-third name graphics, add an intro and credits, and submit to the finished show to BCMC on your behalf.

Using Skype to Create New Shows

We are working to help producers get new content onto the Bowie Community Television channel (FIOS 11/Comcast 77) without doing in-person shows. One of the ways we will be doing this is by doing productions using Skype.

Some of you may remember that before the pandemic, the City had purchased and installed a Skype device. Obviously, we didn’t envision a pandemic, but we did purchase Skype to provide more flexibility for your productions and now it is the perfect tool for bringing people together without physically being in the same place.

We were just beginning to test the Skype device when everything was shut down in March. Now that the technicians have returned to the studio (with staggered schedules), they have been getting comfortable with it and are ready to begin using it with you.

With Skype, you will be able to record a new show, with or without a guest. The process will be similar but not exactly the same as what you are used to. Please use the information here as your guide, rather than what has been published previously by the studio or in the BCMC Producer’s Handbook.

Each Skype project will consist of three, possibly four parts:

  1. Planning with a studio technician
  2. Practice session with your interviewee (if you are doing an interview)
  3. Skype recording session
  4. Post-production session or two to add intros, outros, and other simple edits.

The sessions with the studio technicians (planning, recording, editing) will need to be scheduled. Please visit the Scheduling Sessions page for more details about how scheduling is being handled during this time of modified operations.

We’ve put together some details about creating successful Skype shows with the Bowie Studio. After reading the information, if you are interested in doing a show by Skype, please send an email to studio@cityofbowie.org expressing interest in getting started on your first Skype production. Mark Patterson or Tom Allen will get in touch with you to review the details.