BCMC Producers/Members – You can Submit your Programs/Show(s) directly to BCMC for scheduling and airing on the channel.

Submit Shows Produced Outside the Studio for Broadcast

Here’s how you get your show(s) on the air fast.

Produce Shows Outside the Studio by remote means like Zoom or use audio/video equipment. Some of you have shows you have produced at home or elsewhere you would like to have broadcast on Bowie Community Television. You can share them with us now.

Click this link to Submit show(s) to BCMC now.

  • Fill out the online form
  • Answer all the Required questions
  • Upload your show(s)
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the form
  • All programming information required by BCMC is in the form.
  • This is the only document you need to submit show(s) to BCMC directly.
  • No City studio needed

Our technicians will receive the file, load it to the BCMC server, where the BCMC Executive Director will schedule it for airing on the channel.

You will be contacted by the Executive Director when programming is scheduled.

Thank you for Submitting your Show(s) to BCMC.